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Game Off is our annual month-long game jam where participants create games based on a theme using their favorite game engines, libraries, and programming languages. Newbies, professional game developers, and everyone in between are welcome to join. It’s a great excuse to learn a new technology, collaborate on something over the weekends with friends, or create a game by yourself for the first time!

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Node.js is a tool for executing JavaScript in a variety of environments.
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GitHub Universe 2020
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GitHub Universe 2020

December 09, 2020 • Virtual

GitHub Universe is an event for all developers to learn from industry thought leaders, technical experts, and peers about the latest software development and to see the latest announcements from GitHub.
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Automatically close stale Issues and Pull Requests that tend to accumulate during a project.

How it works

After a period of inactivity, a label will be applied to mark an issue as stale, and optionally post a comment to notify contributors that the Issue or Pull Request will be closed.

If the Issue or Pull Request is updated, or anyone comments, then the stale label is removed.

If no more activity occurs, the Issue or Pull Request will be automatically closed with an optional comment.

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erkanarslan commented Mar 5, 2020

Provide version numbers for the following components (information can be retrieved by running tns info in your project folder or by inspecting the package.json of the project):

  • CLI: 6.2.2
  • Cross-platform modules: 6.0.1
  • Android Runtime: 6.2.0
  • iOS Runtime: 6.2.0
  • Plugin(s): unrelated

Describe the bug
openFile method of utils module does not preview the

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heroboy commented Nov 25, 2020

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When inputing code:

type SomeType<T> = T extends [infer X,infer Y]?any:any;

When you typing at X, the current completion list is a list of existing types, for example XMLDocument.
In vscode, when you typed X it is very easy mistakenly accept the wrong suggestion.(The setting "editor.acceptSuggestionOnCommitCharacter" default is true).

I t

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